Therapeutic Massage

A relaxing session with a combination of techniques that include gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction, and vibration and the application of hot towels.


Pressure is typically light to medium.

30 minutes          $40

60 minutes          $70

90 minutes          $95

Deep Tissue Massage

In addition to the elements of a therapeutic massage session, techniques may include trigger point therapy, stretching, and active/passive range of motion.


Pressure is typically more intense and deeper than the therapeutic massage session, but within the client's tolerance.

30 minutes          $45

60 minutes          $80

90 minutes          $105


This is an technique integrates massage and stretching of the feet and/or hands to improve the function of the whole body.

15 minutes          $20

30 minutes         $40

60 minutes         $60

Prenatal Massage

This is a relaxing session to allow the mother-to-be time to focus inward.


Benefits include: a reduction of stress, muscle fatigue and tightness, sleeplessness, and swelling.


If there are no contraindications, massage may be received at any point during pregnancy.

30 minutes          $40

60 minutes          $70

90 minutes          $95

Hot Stone Massage

Heated basalt rocks are incorporated into the treatment session, as an extension of the massage therapist's hands.


Benefits include a reduction of muscle spasms and pain.

The heat of the stones may allow for relaxation of deeper muscle layers.

75 minutes          $95

Add hot stones to any massage for $10


This modality is the art and science of using essential oils to treat both the body and the mind. During a massage, these potent plant oils are absorbed through the skin and inhaled.

Benefits include: relaxing and/or energizing the nervous system, a reduction of fatigue, pain, soreness, and stiffness, and increase skin cell metabolism.




Ear Candling

This treatment is a safe, simple way to remove excess wax, water, and metabolic wastes from the ears and Eustachian tubes. 

Long, tapered cones are inserted into the ear and lit. Debris is pulled into the bottom of the cone as it burns.

45 minutes          $45